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Our services can assist you with many of your PC needs, whether for your home or office. We offer both on-site visits or remote access connections. Secure remote access* to your PC allows us to offer these services and more available at your convenience:

●  Operating system cleaning & updating
●  Removal of trojans, spyware, viruses and other malicious malware programs
●  Program installation, setup, updating or upgrading
●  Network setup and configuration including wired or wireless configurations
●  System upgrade recommendations based upon your needs
●  Software training and assistance
●  Website creation, domain/email setup and implimentation (personal or business)
●  Various other PC, technology or graphics related services

* Our remote access service utilizes 256-bit encryption technology (the same level as banks) to maintain the security of your PC and is powered by You always remain in complete control during the remote session and can end the session at any time simply by closing the remote support window.
Services that we offer . . .
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